Congratulations to Dr. Xu Lu for joining the editorial board of SmartMat journal!

28 May, 2021


Dr. Xu Lu, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at CCRC, KAUST has recently been appointed as a Youth Editorial Board Member for SmartMat.

"SmartMat is a multidisciplinary journal by Wiley and Tianjin University to address challenges across the entire spectrum of materials science and engineering. It is a great pleasure to join the editorial board!". stated Prof. Xu Lu. 

SmartMat aims at addressing the growing scientific interests in developing intelligent materials that can change significantly in a controlled fashion to external stimuli across the entire spectrum of materials science and engineering. The scope is intentionally broad that includes the topics such as functional polymers, 2D materials, biomimetic robotics, electrorheological and magnetorheological fluids, AI and neuromorphic devices and systems, self-healing materials, piezoelectric materials, thermoelectric materials, artificial muscles, functional biological materials, bioimaging, biotherapy, sensing, memory device, energy materials, optical materials, electronic materials, catalysis, etc.